About AudioEye, Inc.

Incorporated in Tucson, Arizona in 2005, our company focuses
on working to improve the mobility, usability and accessibility
of all Internet-based content through the development,
sale, licensing and use of our proprietary accessibilty technologies.

Audio Internet® is a technology that utilizes our patented
architecture to deliver a fully accessible audio equivalent of a
visual website or mobile website in a compliant format that can be
navigated, utilized, interacted with, and transacted from without
the use of a monitor or mouse.

Complete with an ever-growing suite of utilities tailored to the
needs of different disability use-cases, the AudioEye®
Audio Internet® Accessibility Platform is a fully scalable cloud-based
solution designed and developed to meet the needs and compliance
mandates for an ever-growing demographic.

AudioEye®. What Accessibility Should Be.®